Step Into Prep

Step Into Prep

This program is open to all children eligible for school in 2019. Session times will be updated for term 4.


2019 Program Details

Literacy – Join in our fun story time! Share the reading of one of our favourite ‘Big Books.’ Make a puppet or character from the story. Act it out!

Maths – Design a new toy! Number rhymes, songs, games, counting activities. See if you can build a tower, run in a race or swat a number!

Performing Arts – Join in the fun of listening, singing and moving to music! Hear our own RPPS choir sing!

ICT – Have fun exploring the ICT lab! Use Ipads in the classrooms and play games like Reading Eggs and Mathletics on our own classroom laptops!

Investigation -Discover our science area! Make a ‘Hairy Harry!’ Grow your own plants, play in the home corner and make interesting things using playdough!

Teddy Bears Picnic – Bring your teddy along to school and enjoy a picnic in our beautiful playground. Sing songs, play games and share your bear stories! 

Call (03) 9303 9335 for any enquiries.


Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30am to 4pm

Weekend: Closed

Address: 7/21 Almands Ave, Roxburgh Park VIC 3064

Phone: (03) 9303 9335