Grade Four

In Term 2, the Year 4 students will be focusing on writing persuasive and letter writing. They will have the opportunity to write and publish their own pieces of writing. Term 2, will see the introduction to Literature Circles, a reading program whereby students will study a novel and complete higher thinking activities that promote and enhance comprehension. It also provides students with a contract whereby the students decide on extra reading activities to complete independently. These activities compliment the strategies chosen by the teacher. This is a great way for students to become more independent learners and be responsible for their own learning.

Our Mathematics focuses this term include; addition and subtraction, length, perimeter, 2D shapes, angles and location. Times tables are a huge focus throughout the year so we strongly encourage all students to practice their times tables on a regular basis.


Our Inquiry Studies topic this term is “The world around us”. Students will be investigating about the main climates of the world and comparing them. They will learn about the natural vegetation to those climates and the importance the climate has on animals and people. Students will investigate how countries can manage natural resources and waste. Students will be encouraged to discuss their views based on sustainability.

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