Grade One




This term we will be going swimming. Students are looking forward to learning to swim and/or improving their swimming skills. Swimming will run the first two weeks of term. 

In Writing, the grade one’s will focus on poetry in the first few weeks of third term in particular acrostic and colour poems.  We’ll be looking at similes and words that rhyme that could assist in writing poems. The rest of the term the children will continue to develop and consolidate  narrative writing.

In Reading, we will continue to work with a range of text types including poetry and focus on reading fluently as well as developing an understanding of new vocabulary. Students will also continue to gain a greater sense of what they are reading about through a variety of ‘follow up’ comprehension tasks.

Students will continue to be provided with the opportunity to change their take home books each day.  You can spend time with your child by sharing their take home book.  You can read to them, they can read to you and you can both share the story by talking about it. Home reading gives everyone the opportunity to practice the skills learnt at school and especially build their confidence and enjoyment of reading.
Additionally, students will continue to work their way through the reading and spelling of the Magic 200 Words and extension words.

In Maths, students will continue to practice counting forwards by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s to 100 & backwards by 1s from 100. They will further develop their automatic response of number facts to 10, 20 and beyond. Students will learn more about numbers to at least 99 and add and subtract to/from 50.  Students will learn and recognize Australian notes, coins and their value and how to tell the time, o’clock and half past.

In Integrated Studies students will learn about the past and present.  They will be looking at the differences in family structures of families and the role of families today.  Students will look at their lives and that of children in the past.  We will be looking at how school, technology, toys, leisure time, communication and family traditions are the same or changed throughout the years. We have an excursion to Yarrabee Yesterday World where the students will step back in time.   

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