Grade Six

This term, the Grade Sixes will being using the Literacy Circle program to explore the novels they read. This will involve the students taking on many different roles with which to analyse their texts. Examples of these roles include: Discussion Director (asking open ended questions that arise from their story that will facilitate group conversations). Connector (making connections between events from the text and events from their own lives) and Literacy Luminary (examining the effect that language features such as similes, metaphors and personification have on the delivery of the story).

In writing, the Grade Sixes will continue their focus and development on Persuasive Writing. The VCOP program (which focuses on vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) will continue to be a major part of the writing process, with our weekly Big Write and Talk Homework to continue.

In Maths we continue to focus on place value, as well as addition, subtraction, fractions and decimals. The children will tackle worded problems by identifying what strategies and operations are needed. We will continue to consolidate these two operations by applying them to extended calculations. We will also be working on location, data and probability.

Our inquiry topic this term will be Humanities based, focusing on the reasons for migration to Australia and how the arrival of people from different parts of the world has shaped our country. At the conclusion of the study we will be visiting the Immigration Museum.

Attendance will be a priority this term as there will be ongoing assessments for reporting. Please remember that if you have any concerns we are only a phone call away. We look forward to continuing to work and develop positive relationships with your children.


The students demonstrated extreme focus when being

informed about their future Personal Development.

Their questions were of a very mature nature.


The students have been very keen to explore the skills

of gardening and have started creating their own garden

beds in the Grade Six area.


Co-operative group work on reading: identifying and

interpreting various types of figurative language.

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