Grade Three


We have an exciting term ahead!

This term children will begin a detailed study of literature, particularly fiction.

During reading sessions (via Literacy Circles) we will specifically focus on:

  • understanding the purpose and intended audience of a text
  • building a range of comprehension and reading strategies (such as reading on, checking for understanding, making connections and inferring)
  • exploring features of texts that capture a reader’s attention
  • making connections to characters and events and relating to our own lives.

In Writing, the focus will be on persuasive texts and poetry. Skills taught will include the structure, features and language of these text types. Students will learn to use the language and structural features of these texts in their own writing. There will also be a specific focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation. During weekly VCOP sessions students will be encouraged to develop vocabulary, persuasive language and making sentences more interesting through the use of powerful openers, adjectives and adverbs.

In Speaking and Listening, the focus will be on demonstrating active listening skills and using topic appropriate language to discuss thoughts and ideas.


In Mathematics we will be continuing with number fluency skills on a daily basis, with a further focus on number patterns, addition and subtraction; length and perimeter. Students will be encouraged to use a range of strategies to solve problems related to these topics. There will be a focus on the language of Mathematics, fluency, understanding, reasoning and problem solving throughout the unit.

Integrated Studies

This term we will be studying the topic: Australia Celebrates!

In this unit, we will explore the significance of Australian celebrations, symbols and emblems as well as the

Significance of days and weeks celebrated in Australia, such as Australia Day, ANZAC Day and Harmony Week. We will also be exploring geography and taking a close look at the Australian states and territories.


Students are expected to read for 20 minutes every night.

Homework is handed out each Friday and due the following Wednesday.

Students will also be expected to complete online tasks (Reading Express and Mathletics) at home when assigned by the classroom teacher. Students may also complete Lexile reading quizzes after they have ffinished a book to check their comprehension of the text.

We also look forward to meeting parents at Parent/Teacher conferences in June.

Vesna Monsone, Gabby Ciantar, Jess Baido and Suzanne Burgers

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