Read Write Inc

Read Write Inc Phonics is the vigorous teaching of synthetic phonics. Children learn the 44 common sounds in the English language and how to sound-blend words (decoding) at the same time as developing writing and spelling skills (encoding). Word recognition is dependent on decoding rapidly and without speedy decoding, children have great difficulty comprehending text. Crucially, they read lively Storybooks and Non-fiction books with words they can decode, so they achieve success in reading. The more sounds they know the greater the range of texts they can read.


Teachers and teaching assistants, really enjoy teaching Read Write Inc. Phonics.  Firstly, because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing children learn to read and write so quickly and secondly, because the high level of planning gives new teachers practical

day-to-day guidance and experienced teachers the energy and time to plan creatively.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30am to 4pm

Weekend: Closed

Address: 7/21 Almands Ave, Roxburgh Park VIC 3064

Phone: (03) 9303 9335