The ‘Bring Your Own Device’ program (BYOD) at Roxburgh Park Primary School is an exciting new initiative that started in 2016. It gives students in Year 4 and Year 5 the opportunity to purchase or lease their own personal laptop to use at school and take home every day over the next three years for Grade 4 and two years for Grade 5 at Roxburgh Park Primary School.

Students who take up the program will be able to take their laptop home every night and bring it to school each day.

This program is not compulsory and is optional, as there will be laptops and other devices in the classroom for students to share with others.

The Laptop will be the same model and will only be able to be purchased through the schools PORTAL.

The BYOD program promotes better learning both in and out of the school by:

  • Independent, self-initiated learning, eg promotion of problem solving skills, ability to ‘Google’ questions they have.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to learning.
  • More family involvement in education because parents can access the device.
  • Collaboration between students in different schools, states and even countries.
  • Students being taught to communicate appropriately and safely in social websites.
  • The ability to access homework and school information online and offline
  • More time for teachers to teach students to use the internet appropriately as a tool to learn
  • Greater access to real-time information, digital learning resources and educational software
  • The ability to digitally capture any learning, such as videos or photographs to create things such as digital stories.
  • Opportunities to discuss cyber bullying as a real issue and discuss the impacts of this as a class.

An information session for Grade 3 students will be held in Term 3 to ensure that parents have the most up to date information regarding the program.


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