Visual Arts

It has been a very exciting start to the year in Visual Arts 2018! Students have settled into the program very well and have been working on some exciting art projects, mostly focussing on the Visual Arts elements of line and colour.

Preps, Ones and Twos had fun exploring the Primary Colours and mixing them to make secondary colours.

Grades Three and Four explored the use of line and colour to create funky self-portraits, as well as a ‘Bubble Blowing’ collage.

Grade Fives explored the concept of ‘Pop Culture’ using the artist Romero Britto as inspiration. Students then created a pop culture collage of things important to them.

Finally, Grade Sixes were looking at Onomatopeia art which involves the creation of a word collage inspired from a sound associated with what it is named eg: ‘pow’, ‘bang’, ‘wham’.

It’s been such a productive and fun first term.



We look forward to more inspirational artwork from our students in Term Two!

Rosemary Borg & Melissa Fitzpatrick



Grade One’s “Eye” catching colour wheels!



Grade Three’s funky self-portraits



Grade Prep Primary Colour Rings 

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